GSP Studies List

If you would like to receive regular information and updates about global social policy studies, you are welcome to join the GSP Studies email list. You can join the list yourself by filling in the form >>

The functions of the newsgroup are to:

- alert members to the web posting of new editions of the four-monthly GSP Digest
- inform members about upcoming conferences and workshops relevant to GSP studies
- advertise global social policy and related masters courses and PhD programmes
- inform members of new books and articles on global social policy draw attention to personal and institutional web pages of relevance
- facilitate the on-line exchange of views about current relevant topics
- update members with new global social policy initiatives
- anything else members think will benefit from being circulated

The list is open access and un-moderated. Any member can use it to circulate information to all other members.

The list "owners" of the list are Bob Deacon (Sheffield) >>, Paul Stubbs (Zagreb) >> and Alexandra Kaasch (Bremen) >>.

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